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Hey! Welcome to my site! You are on the About Me page! I will tell you about myself and some of the stories related to technology and web development that happened with me. I find it pretty fun to read about people in Q&A style so this page will also be in Q&A style. All the questions/points are listed below if you want to skip to any.

Update: I am typing this after I have typed the first 4 answers, and this page is like a "Diary Entry" like we write (or wrote if you an adult) in schools, so it is pretty interesting to read in my opinion.

Note: The blogs section is exclusive to technology-related blogs.
My name is Krish Garg. I am a learning developer from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I was born on 6th March 2006.
I got into programming through a very uncommon way (as far as I know). As you might know about Covid, my country went into lockdown for a long time. Additionally, the vaccine is yet to be given (as of writing this article) to children below 18 years of age so schools are closed for a very long time. When I am writing this, my school still hasn't opened fully. They are slowly switching back to offline mode, but still seems a bit unlikely to open anytime soon. So I have been at home for about 1.5 years now. I didn't want to waste my time by just watching youtube or just binge. Also as we were at home, I didn't really had to think about homework 😜. So when the lockdown started, I started using Discord a lot to communicate with my friends. For a few months, I was just using it to communicate with my friends but then I came to know about Discord Bots. Then I saw that Discord has a very extensive and complex API. Till then, I only knew about the basics in programming like if-else, loops, variables, etc. and I knew a little of both Python and Javascript. I have a story on the Javascript part which I will talk about in a different question. Then I got inspired by other's bots and wanted to make my own. I was more comfortable with python so I used discord.py, a Discord API wrapper (Unfortunately, the author of that module has now closed the project). If I think now, me making a discord bot was the best decision yet. I learned so many things through that bot, like so many. When I started, I knew very little about python, but as I used more and more python, I researched more, and learned more. Now I think I can call myself intermediate+ in python. Thats how I actually got into programming. The story continues in "How I got into web development?".
This paragraph continues the story from "How I got into programming?" so I would recommend reading it before this as you might get confused. Then came a stage where I had to make a web dashboard for my discord bot but I was too scared as I had no experience in web development. I only knew HTML and some CSS. By some CSS I mean only some properties, I didn't knew how to actually use them to make a site. So I averted from learning web-development for a long time. But then, I thought if I have to become a successful developer in the future, I will either have to learn science for AI and Machine Learning, or learn web development. After hearing the word 'science', it was pretty obvious for me that what I have to go for. Thats how I got into web development. The story continues in "How I improved my web development skills?".
This paragraph continues the story from "How I got into web development?" so I would recommend reading it before this as you might get confused. So I started looking for some web development guides and tutorials. Then I found out about the 3 big Javascript frameworks, React, Angular and Vue. As I said in the "How I got into programming?" question, I learn on-the-go. So I continued with the Javascript frameworks by only knowing some basics of Javascript. I searched up some quick tutorials on youtube for all three frameworks. I tried out all of them, but felt most comfortable with React. I saw many react courses, but the one which got me hooked to it, was the one by Code With Harry. It is in hindi so if you don't speak/understand hindi, it might not be for you, but it is an excellent course. While I was watching his course, side-by-side, I was also sharpening my CSS and Javascript. For Javascript, I did nothing but just look around for some people's projects and google anything which looked new to me. For CSS, mainly the inspiration and motivation to actually write my own CSS instead of using a pre-built stylesheet like Bootstrap, came from Kewin Powell and Web Dev Simplified. Some honourable mentions to Ben Awad, Free Code Camp, Fireship, KeepOnCoding, StackOverflow, W3Schools and of course Google. Once I got a bit more comfortable with React, I learned Gatsby, which I am using right now to make this site, and Next.js. I call these "Extended React Frameworks". So this is where I am right now, learning web development.
Just like everyone, I am not 100% sure how am I gonna improve. What I think should be my priority is just make more and more sites. I was thinking maybe I can try freelancing but it is crazy hard and may even be impossible to freelance when you are 15 years old in India. Other than that I think I would try some sites which give front end challenges to strengthen my skills with raw Javascript and CSS. Also as I want to end up as a full-stack developer, I will have to make projects with both front-end and back-end, so I will probably go with the MERN stack or Next.js. And whenever I would want to practice just front-end, I will probably stay away from React at the beginning as it would be harder to port back to simple Javascript and even harder to switch to other frameworks in the future as there is a high chance that I learn Angular (I don't think I will try Vue as I just don't get the vibe from it).
So in brief, for just front-end, I would try to make things in raw HTML, CSS and Javascript and only after I strengthen them, I will try more of React and maybe Angular in the future. For just back-end, I have no idea on what I can do. And for full stack, I will try to make more projects of the MERN stack or Next.js and maybe MEAN stack if I learn Angular.
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